Sunday, 14 December 2008

somethin to realized

this recently, i found that my baby D often shouting and yelling... show his tantrum... and i realized it's all because of me.

i ussually shout on him when he doin somethin wrong, and i know that is wrong.
baby D also trying to spank his dad while i asked him to have a milk before he got on his bed, oh, that's another mistake i've made...

and the good thing is, i realized that i'm not being a good mom if i keep doin such a thing.

and i decided to calm my self, be patient and wiser to baby D... anyway he just 14mos
so for this 1 (one) week i dont spank, shout or yelling @ him anymore.

if he's got his tantrum, i just talk to him face to face and teach him to say what in his mind or what he feels inside

i believed that every child is good, they just see us (the parents as a role model)

and for me, i want my baby D become a good child...

thank you Son, for makes me realized that Indonesia strong from what they called HOME!!!