Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Happy Blessday, Papih :)

My dad, turning 65 years old today :)

Yes, we share same birthday :D

I think this is the way of universe to save my mom's money on celebrate our birthday :)))))

I dedicate this post for my dad, a person that I called papih :)

I remember him as a honest and sincere person I have ever met in my whole life :)

Dad, I proud of you :)

You refused all the facilities from your job when you are young just to stick with your family.

For some people now, what you do is stupidipity but for you, you just want to be closed to mom, Pran and I :)

Family should stick together no matter what, no matter how..... that's what you've been teaching us :)

I pray for you on your birthday, may God always grant you happiness, healthyness and wealthyness!

Happy Blessday, Papih :)

What a nice problem!

Today, I turn 31 years old!

Thank God that he gave me another year to life, love and laugh :)

Two days before my birthday, I feel uneasy..... specially at work.

It just to complicated to tell and I suppossed to stand still, shut my mouth and respect the one who employed me.

It is hard, I can tell!

But again, my heart tell me to see the other side of this problem I'm facing.

And I can say now, "What a NICE problem!" instead of grumpy :D

God teach me through every people that I met.

Couple days ago, my besties Ligwina Hananto is tweeting this:

Setiap ketemu Business Problem yg gw blm tau mau beresinnya gmn... Selalu ingat pesan "what a nice problem!" :)

Universe is full of surprises!

and I willing to learn every single little thing that matters to me everyday!

Recently, I have been juggling with home, work, and social community without housemaid :D

We have survived more than 6 months without housemaid, and all of us are overwhelmed....

I catch up running again after on and off back in 2012 :D

I hope that I can gain more benefit through running, will update you more in other post!

Well, only God knows my struggles and I believe that he is my provider!

He will make ways to all problems that I had!

He is forever faithful and I am forever grateful :)

Thank you Jesus for everything, for every NICE problem in my life!

Let's face it together ;)

the birthday girl,