Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Below are the summaries of Good Morning Hard Rock FM Radio Show on Wednesday, Sep 22nd, 2010 with Iwet Ramadhan, Ayu Dewi and Rene Suhardono Cananeo.

There is no way we shall be able to take the lead in all things ourselves.

Some managers may feel they never need to delegate since they can do it faster and more precise, alone.

Reasons why people don't delegate : lack of trust, plain silly or afraid of the other person will do better.

If you think that way, here is the question: "Do you want to be the same type of work 10 (ten) years from today?"

Delegation is not just to complete work. It is the path to grow proffessionally and personally.

Great people and great companies are masters in delegation.

We don't delegate because we have to , we delegate because it is the best way to empower people.

The prospect of somebody can do the work better than us should be seen as great news and not as a threat.

There is no better way to grow and to improve business than to delegate to every able and willing people.

The key to delegation: different people has different style of delegation.

You can delegate authority but not responsibility.

You need to understand the nature of the work and the way to break them into pieces before delegation.

Spend time to understand your team member's passion, talent, ambition etc

Be their boss and be their coach. The best support is by being there when they need you.

Your job is to assist them over difficult phase and to show them that they are able.

But you have to be able to do it yourself before begin delegating any work.

Build business around people not the other way.

Never compare your own experience when delegating work. You are you, they are not you.