Thursday, 26 February 2009

sale temptation =)

last nite i went home earlier because yesterday was thrusday and thrusday means TekTok quiz on Facebook (i won again, cosmetics from Ultima II)

and i decided to go to Buaran Plaza to buy Darren's telon oil, my face vitamin and waiitt... did i see shoes sale 70%.. well, in the beginning i just wanna have window shopping but i found the suede shoes like mine ... punya saya sudah rusak karena saya kurang telaten merawat si sepatu suede hitam itu *menyesal tiada akhir* and... unfortunately, the size is sold out *SIGH*

and i decided to bought black pump shoes which is enough to replace my beloved suede shoes =( *thinking about buy another suede shoes* and it just cost not even near IDR90,000 *smart shopping*

and today, i read about ligwina's blog ( dan saya bersyukur karena saya tidak kalap belanja tadi malam.

Another SALE ??? i think when enough is ENOUGH!!!