Friday, 3 February 2012

February 3rd 2012


I able to post this short notes after months of business that has nothing to do with the paperwork.

I would like to have this chance to greet you all, Happy Chinese New Year! May years of the dragon bring us more prosperity, luck and happiness.

Nothing special this year since I did not taking leave on the second day of CNY but it is all worth to be grateful.

I grateful for my wonder mom, she cooked 11 variant of CNY Eve's dinner menus by herself!

Delicious dinner, a warmth family... everybody happy!

Even Darren eats alot :D

The day, I wear my make up... after trying several times ...

Finally, I love my make up for that day :)

And , Oh I wear dress from belowcepek !

It looks great and I get it with adorable price, below IDR100K !

Try it yourself, and I believe you'll like as much as I do :)

And I would like to apply my makeup everyday as I can....

But, it takes lots of time and effort :p

Anyway, I try to become a happier person by not sweat on small things this lately but workload sometimes demand me to be a Devil's wear Prada person :p

Bye for now... I'll post something that I wanna do tommorow , a story about our heritage :)