Friday, 2 December 2011

Into My Heart

Actually, I should post this on 27 Nov 2011!

Recently, Darren has been asking about who is Jesus Christ, what is God, what is heaven, what is hell etc.

I explained everything, a bit difficult though... because faith is something personal, it has no form.

Untill Darren said he is ready to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior in car while we stopped by to have lunch in our big families house!

I am surprised!

I keep asking, is he sure about his choice... well, he just 4 years though...

And, he said that he is sure!

okay, I appreciate his decision and then, I lead him to pray...

Dear Jesus Christ, today Nov 27th 2011
I am Darren Nathanael Josep
invite you into my heart to be King, Saviour and Living God.
From now on, I am yours.
Thank you Lord Jesus,
And my heart is grateful for he makes his own decision, not mine :)

Thank you ABBA :)

*pic from gettyimages