Thursday, 26 February 2009

sale temptation =)

last nite i went home earlier because yesterday was thrusday and thrusday means TekTok quiz on Facebook (i won again, cosmetics from Ultima II)

and i decided to go to Buaran Plaza to buy Darren's telon oil, my face vitamin and waiitt... did i see shoes sale 70%.. well, in the beginning i just wanna have window shopping but i found the suede shoes like mine ... punya saya sudah rusak karena saya kurang telaten merawat si sepatu suede hitam itu *menyesal tiada akhir* and... unfortunately, the size is sold out *SIGH*

and i decided to bought black pump shoes which is enough to replace my beloved suede shoes =( *thinking about buy another suede shoes* and it just cost not even near IDR90,000 *smart shopping*

and today, i read about ligwina's blog ( dan saya bersyukur karena saya tidak kalap belanja tadi malam.

Another SALE ??? i think when enough is ENOUGH!!!

Friday, 20 February 2009

the ReAl ME =D

Here is the analysis:

You are a very serious person. You tend to be quiet and well behaved, and you don't have a great deal of self-confidence. You prefer to be alone rather than with friends and that could make you a little less interesting to certain types of guys. You are very attractive in an individual kind of way, and this means it can take people a little while to get to like you.
You really care about other people's feelings and are quite serious about the issues that affect your life. You are sincere, and your concern for the well-being of others makes many people want to be your friend.
You strictly follow rules, and you expect other people to be the same as well. People can get tired of you easily, as you can make them feel a little guilty about themselves. You always make decisions on your own, and can be dismissive of other people's advice. You like to be the leader in groups, but can forget to be concerned about the people you are with.
Your peers think of you as a fun person, but sometimes you can be a little irresponsible. You can be somewhat childish, and can try to ignore the fact that you will one day need to really grow up and be a mature adult! Perhaps you could start reading good books; they might help you look at the world in a different light. You do want to be taken seriously, right?
Your boyfriend believes that you are a strong and independent person. Your confidence and cheerfulness make you an attractive person to be around, but sometimes you need to pay more attention to what other people, including your boyfriend, are thinking.

Friday, 13 February 2009

all bout love

happy val's day everybody...

saatnya kita semakin menunjukkan cinta kepada Pencipta, alam dan sesama.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Semalam, aku mimpi kamu dan kakakmu =)

Kusadari kita memiliki banyak kesamaan

Kita sama- sama wanita

Kita sama- sama lahir di tanggal dan bulan yang sama

Kita sama- sama anak bungsu

Kita sama- sama sayang kakakmu =)

*yang sedang kangen dengan I dan JT*