Monday, 26 September 2011

Life is Uncertain but Death is Certain

I truly don’t know where to start this post.

This feelings have been juggling almost one week.

It started on last Wednesday, one of my relatives named Joni fell down from window of my office when filled freon for new air conditioner.

At that time, I was panic.

I try to call my brother and my husband to accompany me dealing with Emergency Room and procedures.

His head is bleeding.

We rushed in to nearest hospital.

I pray that he will be okay.

After doctor stitched his head, blood still running out from his ear.

Suddenly, I don’t feel good about it.

They have him to be CT Scan and wait for about 2 hours for result.

Damn, it is too long!

When the neurosurgeon arrived, he already in vegetative state.

The only procedure is surgery but it doesn’t guarantee 100% he will survived.

His family insist him to be surgery as soon as possible.

So the surgery went for almost 6 hours and he moved to High Intensive Care Unit after it.

He still in vegetative state after the surgery.

He has wife, a daughter and expecting his second child.

We feel very sorry about what happened to him.

He was my cousin’s brother in law.

What shocking is, my another cousin named Asep who apparently his boss come as debt collector to his family 3 times!


Can you imagine that someone is coming as debt collector when your child or your husband or your parent in vegetative state.. lying in hospital, struggling to live?

It was out of my mind that someone can be that mean and cruel when other is not in good condition!

Damn! And I was shame that the one who did that is my cousin!

I want to curse Asep, yes! I really enjoy to curse him, the insane person!

But, I didn’t do that.

I just said, “Why is he so mean? Can’t he just wait until Joni wake up?”

And today, my mom call me and she said that Joni is passed away.

I know that this is the best from God eventhough it was not a happy ending.

May God helps his wife and children.

Rest In Peace, Joni