Sunday, 29 March 2009

an awesome day(s)

Hari kamis kemarin tanggal 26 Maret 2009 merupakan hari libur nasional karena umat yang beragama hindu merayakan hari raya nyepi tahun baru saka.

It means holiday time!

But the fact is, I woke up very early today since there are several things need to be done asap.

And after that me, hubby, Darren and his nanny went to Plaza Senayan.

Let’s see, the last time I went here is about 10 years ago…. Mungkin ada beberapa hal yg berubah tapi jam dinding besar yang setiap jam berbunyi masih terawat dengan baik.

It was a nice lil escape today, we eat, eat and eat :D

By the end of time, I won a thievery mugler parfume from eve’s tektok quiz 
It makes that day PERFECT!!!

Another update is about my son :D

I’m glad that several days he trying to brush his teeth and loves eating fish now… yeayy :)

Soon, gonna teach him the toilet training :D

And today also I’m excited for my new project, hope it will help the business 
Nite ya all *hugs*

Saturday, 27 March 2009
The Bedroom