Thursday, 27 November 2014

K A R M A does Exist!

Years ago, I get annoyed by some people.

I just asking about rundown of an event but they end up (like) bullying me.

At that time, I felt like I wanna quit from that community.

A community should make you more happy, as my friend said.

Untill I found this quote. 

I think this quote is scary, whoever person that make this quote is really having a bad situation.

It feels like you are cursing someone that mean to you.

As Christian, I have been taught to bless my enemy... which is very hard to do!

I  am only human, by the way.....

I am mad at that time but I speak forgiveness and now I am free!

Talking about KARMA, it does exist.

A, borrowing the community money without permission. 

B, pregnant before marriage and now I heard from someone that she is in the middle of  broken marriage.

This is so sad, but that's karma.

So, I learn from that experience to hold the tongue and speak wisely!

Let's be kind to others :)