Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A Good Family

Time flies!
It has been 8 years of marriage and we still counting :)

Husband is not a very romantic person, but yes, he gave little surprise which I consider good, because you don't flaunt the romanticism :)

I have planned a movie date, but in 24 hours I have a meeting which unfortunately cancelled and yeay, we can go for a movie date!

The movie this time will be 7Hari/24Jam, as Dian Sastro's big fan it is mandatory to watch it :D

Last Disas movie that I watched with future husband is Banyu Biru which makes him feel confused HAHAHA

Long story short, we bumped into one scene... when Lukman Sardi as Tyo asking Disas as Tania what is her reason to marry him.

And we also keep asking ourself why are we marrying each other.....

I come out with one reason, I marry husband because, he didn't changed me, he didn't asked me to choose between career or family and he loves me for my imperfection! *oh, there are so many reason why I marry him*

In the middle of the movie, husband whatsapp me this:

and we very agree that "The foundation of Everything is A Good Family" - Tania, 7/24

Happy 8nniversary abank *smooch*