Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Rich Dad's Prophecy part 2

Finally i had chances to finished this thick book...

here are the resumes... Enjoy it people...

Rich Dad said, “Everyone has the ability to build a financial ark to survive and flourish in the future but you must invest time in your financial education to build an ark with a solid foundation.”

As Warren Buffet says, “Investing must be rational, if you can’t understand it, don’t do it.”

Without a financial education, it takes a lot more money to get rich and a lot more money to stay rich.

The higher your financial IQ , the less money it takes to get rich. The lower your financial IQ the more money it takes.

Before you invest in something, invest the time to understand it.

That is where financial intelligence comes from. It comes from investing time in real world.

Financial Intelligence does not come from handing your money over to a fund manager and hoping and praying he or she does a good job.

You do not increase your financial intelligence investing in that way.

Investing in your financial education may not pay off early in the process but it does seem to pay off later.

If you want to become rich, start out investing a lot time before you begin investing a lot of money.

Your most important control of all is to take control over yourself and how you manage your money.

If you can do that, you can build a rich ark and captain it wisely.

Taking control of the ark or being in control doesn’t mean you have to do much.

All you have to do is be willing to be in control.

The opinion from Rich Dad about borrowing money from bank is :
First of all, bankers lend money to both fools and alchemist. Fools turn cash to trash and alchemist turn trash to cash. Bankers do not really care as long as you have the money to pay them back.

And secondly, if you are a fool, you will pay higher rates of interest. The bigger the fool, the higher the interest rate.

So the bankers love you. Your business make a lot of money and you are turning cash into trash.

Many people, low income wage earners to high income wage earners are in financial trouble because too much of their money goes to buy things that glitter.

We have all heard of poor or middle people spending money for newest and expensive gadget, cars , branded shoes, clothes etc.

There is nothing wrong with name brand glitter.

The problem is, too many people have assets columns overwhelmingly invested in glitter.

Many professional investors look only in darkness.

They are looking for the small start up company that will grow into and international giant.

They are not looking for a brand name CEO.

Many are looking for an entrepreneur, laboring away in a basement or garage, working on the next product that will solve the next big problem facing humanity.

Its not the glitter that counts, it’s the CASH FLOW.

The point is, million of people , rich and poor are in financial trouble because they are fools for the glitter.

If you love the glitter, you should not be captain of the ship.

If you are to become captain, you must control the fool in you that tends to be attracted to the glitter rather than the gold.

To be captain of your ship, take control of yourself which means taking control of your income statement and your balance sheet.

Always remember thet your balance sheet is the cargo hold of your ark regardless if you load it or not.

If you want to be rich, you must know the difference between an asset and a liability.

Warren Buffet, America’s richiest investor, believes that understanding accounting is a form of self- defense.

On this subject he said: “ When managers want to get across the facts of a business to you, it can be done within the rules of accounting.

Unfortunately, when they want to play games, at least in some industries, it can also be done within rules of accounting.

If can’t recognize the differences, you shouldn’t be in the equity picking business.”

He means if you are not financially literate, you shouldn’t be picking stocks.

Picking stocks without first knowing how to read company’s financial statements is gambling, not stock picking.

Warren Buffet often says, “If you cannot control your emotions you cannot control your money.”

Investing means freedom, wealth and security. The risk and the alternative are worth it.

Our emotions are powerful forces and emotional thoughts have the power to become self-fulfilling prophecies if not controlled.

If you are to become captain of your own ark, one of the most important controls is the control over your emotions.

There were 3 (three) levels of controlling thought. They are lower, middle and higher thought.

When someone is speaking from their lower levels of thought, they often say things such as “investing is risky” or “what if I lose”. When it comes to money, most people never get out of the lower levels of thought.

If you decide that you do not want these lower level emotions to run your thinking, you need both the middle level as well as the higher levels to pull you out.

This is one reason why financial education is so important.

Because once you learn about finances, you can rely upon your middle mind to break the grip of fear and doubt of your lower emotional mind.

#1 Control over your excuses
What really important is character not occupation.

Excuses are lies you tell yourself.

Growing up means not using the facts of our lives as excuses for our lives.

Be more honest with yourself, raise the standard on yourself.

Everytime you make an excuse, you’re acting like a baby.

Excuses hold us back, no one else.

Excuses are the words coming from the loser in you.

Solving financial problems or challenges increases your financial intelligence.

The importance of growing up is to be more honest by being more truthful with themselves.

#2 Control over your vision
a.Keep your word
Integrity simply means whole or complete. That means that your thoughts, words and your actions need to be the same. If you will do that, the future is yours.

b.Keep an open mind and your ears tuned for change.
Since changes are now invisible, you will have to see more with your mind than your eyes.

c.Learn to read financial statements
A financial statement allows the mind to see the true financial condition of the investment. Many times a banker decides to lend or not to lend you money in the first three minutes.

d.Use technology
e.Watch for bigness
f.Watch for changes in the laws
g.Watch out for inflation
h.Pay close attention to government handling of its social program

#3 Control over the rules
a.Saving money VS Borrowing

b.Owner of a business rather than an employee of a business

c.Keep your daytime job and start a part time business (Build it, Buy it, Franchise, Network Marketing)

d.Invest n small real estate properties

e.Plan on becoming rich rather than becoming a high income person with a lot of money

f.Understand how professional investors protect themselves from market crashed.

g.Don’t be worsify- diversify

h.Always remember that you are the entrepreneur, the visionary and the leader. Never let your advisors run your business.

i.Just because someone is smart and went to good school does not mean they know anything about the real world of business or investing.

#4 Control over your time
a.Getting rich faster
If you are working hard on somebody else’s ark, you may want to set aside some spare time to build your own ark.

b.I love my work
Loving what you do is very important. Many people love their work but their work will not provide for long term needs. It’s time we invested some time in our future.

c.Investing is becoming investors
Today, it is no longer enough to be professionally competent. We all need to be professionally and financially competent. A small investment in your financial education can gain you massive amount of financial time.

d.Health and wealth
Wealth is the number of days you could survive without working while still maintaining your standard of living.
More specifically, wealth is measured in time more than money.

Financial Freedom means having more free time.

“My time frame for holding a stock is forever,” Warren Buffet says.

•Invest in yourself
Invest some time finding the long and short term reasons why you want to learn something. You may want to sit down and write down your goals and the reason you want to achieve your goals. It is the reasons that get you energy to move forward.

Invest some time in learning the technical knowledge required to achieve your goals.

Invest some time learning via real- life trial and error

#5 Control over your destiny
a.Drawing out the rich person in you
Kiyosaki recommend people keep their daytime job and start a part time business or start investing in a small piece of income real estate, simply because it takes a few years to learn the basics.

b.Be a tough parents
Warren Buffet is just as tough on his children as he is on his employees. He doesn’t believe that if you love somebody the way to do him good is to give him something he’s not entitled to.

c.Money does not make you rich
Study, read a lot, started small and made many mistakes, find good advisors and mentors are the factor that makes you rich.

d.Not having money makes you richer
Because had no money became rich, had no education become genius, had no security to fall back on found freedom.

e.What do you want to be when you grow up ?
Regardless whether you grow up to be rich or poor, grow up to be people who can be trusted.