Tuesday, 3 March 2009

18mos old..

just wanna update my toddler (he's not a baby anymore)

Darren able to walk by his own, oh no... he run!!!

Darren so into music... everytime and everywhere he always ask people to turn on the cd player or radio *son, i wanna you to be a doctor...obsesi banget mak-nya*
tapi klo memang Darren maunya terjun ke industri musik... go ahead... i will support you more than 100%

A bit stubborn... specially when we ask him to asking help... *we always teach him to say "help, thank you"*

now learning alphabets and he shout AAAAA for A... loudly...

still loves to scream...

loves tea, ice cream, jelly, coffee... he prefer those drinks than his milk *sebel bgt! kadang bikin susu suka ga abis*

lagi suka tendang bola.... *gonna buy him a ball*

more and more amazed me with everything that he had done =)

*saya yg selalu bersyukur karena kehadiran kamu*