Friday, 24 July 2015

Breastfeeding and Work, Let's Make It Work!

As a working mom, breastfeeding your baby can be very challenging!

I have failed breastfeeding my first son exclusively because  lack of knowledge thus my breastmilk are overflowing and until now, it breaks my heart!

Do You Know that World Brestfeeding Week is held on first week of August and celebrate by 120 countries?

How about Indonesia? Indonesia will celebrate it a whole month! 

The aim of this movement is to informed mothers in Indonesia about the important of breastfeeding. 

That's why I need to prepared myself to breastfeed my second baby through reading books and going to breastfeeding seminar like The Urban Mama Breastfeeding Seminar 

I can't wait for the seminar!

Join me and registered yourself and your spouse HERE 

See you at the seminar!

- HoneyJT -