Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A Very Pleasant Morning :-)

Hm, its almost 1 month since my last post :-D

this past two days, i have a very pleasant morning with my son, D.

Yesterday, i have chances to wake him up before 8 o'clock and bath him.

After taking bath, D eating bread for his breakfast by himself.

That's just lovely!!!

and when his daddy and I need to go to the office, he didn't whining at all.

and today, we have a lil conversation :

*when D open his eyes this morning*
Me : Gud Morning

*D trying to opened his eyes wide*

Me : I'm going to work, be nice okay ?! Obey your Grandma okay ?!

D : okay

*then i kissed him*

He's so lovely... thank you son and i love you so much :-)