Wednesday, 15 June 2011

CAREER is NEVER about ....

@ReneCC bicara soal Karir dan Gaji di twitterverse pada suatu hari :)
  • Career is NEVER about chasing for bigger salary.
  • The only objective of career should be happiness & fulfillment.
  • Your cost of living should not be the only factor in making your career decision. If you do so, you are very shortsighted.
  • Do you want to be trapped in a job you hate simply for the sake of cost of living?
  • Something to consider: what does your job cost you : provide for you? Frustration : fulfillment? Effort : achievement?
  • To happy in your job requires the good to be significantly greater than the bad. Salary is just 1 factor. How is your job now?
  • For those who think that money brings security, please think again.Salary is the perception of security.
  • JOB: Focus on momentum, great learning curve, awesome opportunities, freedom to act and more time with your love ones.
  • Getting bigger salary without knowing the ways to contribute more = self devaluation.
  • Always option for long-term than short-term. Give yourself tons of opportunities to grow.
  • Business people & owners should not be stingy. Add high incentive & immediate rewards for those who perform.
  • The more employees thinks and acts like owners, the better for the company.
  • To work in a crappy job is NOT your fault. Knowing you are in crappy job yet you do not do anything, that is your fault | @donanwijaya
  • A job would not love you back. Use things and love people. Do a great job, contribute and live a life that matters to you | @LennDm
  • Last one: stop worry about salary. Great money follows great works. Be an outstanding giver, be a great person and be happy :)
Aye, aye Coach :)