Friday, 9 January 2015

A (Brand) New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

I supposed to write this post on January 1st 2015, but better late than never rite?

I would like to start with my achievements in 2014, and here are the lists:

Self Healing and Met Reza Gunawaan-Dee Lestari in person
I really thankful to universe that I am able to learn self healing and met my muses, pak dukun Reza Gunawan and ibu suri Dee Lestari.

To learn more about self healing, please click here.

Singapore-Johor Baru Trip with Families
I never travelled to Singapore or Johor Bahru before, so it was a challenging trip! I was happy that I can see my families smilling faces :)
(Please click here) Trip to Singapore
(Please click here) Trip to Johor Bahru

Stand On Right Side
One of my collague suspected not doing his job right by the owner of where I work now. So, based on my experiences handling this kind of problem, I provided all the supporting data to show that my collague is doing his job full heartedly!
And God is gracious that He gave me this verse before I faced the owner to tell the truth.

Joined Komite Rekruitmen X Pengajar Muda
I have always wanted to contribute in Indonesia Mengajar and finally that opportunity come!
Do you like to know what Indonesia Mengajar is? (Please click here)

Anlene Fun Run 5K
One day, my theurbanmama fellow named Siska Knoch texted me and asked whether I want to join Anlene Fun Run 5K or not and I said "YES!"
So, this is my first 5K, can't wait to have another Fun Run! Bring it on universe!

Visiting my mom on National Mother's Day
I really grateful that I can manage to visited my mom on Mother's Day and I made a video for her :) (please click here)

Buying more stocks
I learned to become a trader so I can have my pension early or maybe build my own business *crossing fingers*

Win many prizes
In 2014, I win so many prizes. You can read my other blog which I dedicated to thank them all for giving me that big opportunities! Please click here

I am forever grateful for what happened in 2014!

Early this year, one of my collague is resigned. So, this year will be another challenge for me!

Will I make it?