Monday, 29 June 2009

Now 21mos

Last Saturday, we have planned to attend the audition of Cover Hunt Parenting Indonesia’s magazine 2009.

We planned to go early in the morning but we need to catch up to Salak first and we arrived @12.30p.m

The Registration only cost IDR75,000 but you get goodie bag equal to IDR150,000 (psstt, we have a haircut voucher amount IDR50,000 and we give it to you FREE but you need to pick it up to my house or my office.. anyone ? because Kemang is too far away from our house :P )

Luckily, I got CD and hubby got goodie bag from Seven Seas for answering the question.

Darren fall asleep while waiting the photo session :D

But finally he did it well :)

And after that we having Lunch and when hubby ordering food, I let D play in the playhouse.

He got excited and loves to play there.

After having lunch, D continous to play in the playhouse and he didn’t wanna go home.

And I take him out and he’s crying and I promise him if he stop crying, we’ll buy an ice cream.

He stop crying and we went for ice cream Petro’s Gelato :)

Its finger ice cream, small and enough for toddler.

Darren loves it so much!!!

And after that we went home and after finished his milk, Darren fall asleep again in the car.

He’s kinda exhausted and sleep until 7 p.m

And on Sunday, we went to church and D attend his Sunday school, and he enjoyed it much.

He’s walking around and smile to everyone :)

To end the day, we went to DOME fX mall to have dinner with my Mom and Dad.

It’s kinda noisy dinner because D can’t stop shouting “Minum… Minum…Minum!!” *wanting my mango juice* and “Kue…Kue…Kue!!!” *wanting the ice cream waffle*

And still when we went home, he shouting “kue Mangkok” and eat it in the car until he fall asleep.

We reached home @11.30 p.m

Oh, what an exhausted week end :P

He’s 21mos now and he pickep up soooo many words !!!

He remembered his Tigger Movie scene, Elmo’s Potty Time scene, ABC’s scene, Jim Jam and Sunny scene and many more.

The most shocking is he knows SBY and Manohara and also every cast in Office Boy II sitcom :D