Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Money doesn't come easily

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So many things happen during my latest post on my blog.

But the most memorable moment was when I educate D about money.

One night when I was picked up from the office, D whining and said that he want to go to Carrefour near our house.

And the conversation was like this :

D : Darren mau ke Carrefour
Me : Mau ngapain ke Carrefour, memangnya Darren punya duit ?
Me : Kita kan lagi gak mau belanja bulanan.
D : Mau punya duit…
Me : Kalau Darren mau punya duit, Darren harus bekerja.
Me : Kalau bekerja Darren harus sekolah dulu
D : Mau sekolah…
Me : Makanya kalau mama ajarin baca mesti nurut biar Darren bisa baca terus
nanti kalau sudah besar bisa bekerja.

Well, the next morning Darren said he wanna learn to read :D

Eventhough until now he still on and off learning his alphabet.

He just 2 (two) years old and I’m not gonna pushed him to be able to read before 3(three) years old.

I hope that simple conversation will give big impact for D that money doesn’t come easy.

You must earned it, and I still need to teached him about good money habit.