Saturday, 5 July 2014

From Johor Bahru to Jakarta

This is our last day in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

We will heading back to Jakarta on this evening!

Furthermore you can read our journey the past two days in SG and Legoland :) *just click the link*

After taking breakfast, kiddos and us went for swimming!

They just can't help to jump into the water :p

Swimming session over, we are ready to checked out!

Before heading to airport, we went to Johor Premium Outlet.

For me, I have no reason to shop! I just shop whenever I like :p

In and out from a store to another store and I really can be here whole day but to bad we need to fly back to Jakarta!

I love the way Coach treat their customer!

I bought chocolates for souvenir and skip the VNC :D

Finally, we are boarding!

We are glad to go home!

Bye SG-JB, we will comeback soon!

Expenses for this journey can be found here