Sunday, 9 December 2012


#MG2012 is Marriage Gateway that was held at Conrad Hotel, Bali with speakers @PhilipWagnerLA @HollyWagnerLA

Here some tweets from Ps. Alvi Radjagukguk

Real love has very little to do with what we feel. Love is a verb! • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

Love is caring about the interest of your spouse, even we are not interested in it • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

We can win the arguments yet hurt the relationship. Win the Marriage, not the argument! • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

The couples that support a growth of each individual bring strength to the marriage • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

1/2 + 1/2 is not 1. 1 + 1 = a strong 1. Wholesomeness matters! •@HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

Sometimes marriage can be boring and becomes a routine. Grown ups decide to stick with it! • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

Once we get through seasons, we become stronger, a more wholesome we become, a stronger a marriage gets •@HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

Our spouse is an imperfect person who will do -mostly unintentional- things that will hurt us

Forgiveness is as important as our digestive system, for it's the only way to remove our wastes • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

Forgiveness is the highest expression of love, exemplified by GOD Himself to mankind • @PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

Marriage is a union of two forgiven and forgivers. Let's be eternally forgiving!

We need to work out our marriage so tension can transform to trust, frustration to intimacy, boredom to passion • @PhilipWagnerLA#MG2012

Marriage is God's way of killing our ego • @PhilipWagnerLA#MG2012

Develop a marriage-centered marriage, not a children-centered marriage • @PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

A flourishing marriage is a great gift to our children, big family and city •@PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

If we do what others are not willing to do, we will have what other marriages do not have • @PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

Wives, husbands do not speak hints. Make it easier for us to meet your needs • @PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

In great marriages, great words exist. In bad marriages, bad or no words are being uttered • @PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing • Proverbs 12:18

Learn to listen to understand, not to reply. It is honoring our spouse •@PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

Men can actually think of nothing, women do not think that is possible •@PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012 // And the men sayyyyy..

Unwholesome persons use unwholesome words. Wholesome ones say wholesome words. #MG2012

Men, figure out how to romance our wife periodically •@PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012 // Do not let other men do that instead!

Marriage was created to have GOD involved. Three-cord rope "Adam+Eve+God" since a beginning! • @PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

We cannot ever love our spouse unconditionally without GOD's involvement • @PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

Be lavish with encouragements and be stingy with critics to your spouse. Encouragements are powerful! @PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

Encourage our spouse's Strengths and Attempts for improvements! •@PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

A couple's ability to deal with their differences is a sign of their maturity •@HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

A couple's differences aren't there to separate, instead to strengthen us. Deal with them forever! • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

Making children the center of our family universe is not the best interest of marriage • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

If children are at the center of our family, they will eventually grow up to be selfish kids • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

We are to honor our parents' position in life, but they cannot have bigger influence or power than our spouse • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

When dads treat their girls with respect, they will only choose a life partner who do the same • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

When our work life hurts our marriage, we may need to change job •@HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

If we want our marriage to flourish, we need to stay planted and rooted in GOD's house (local church) • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

Wisely choose friends who always encourage us to grow and mature our marriage • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012
Couples who pray together stay together • @HollyWagnerLA#MG2012

To get a divorce as we run out of love is like selling a car when it runs out of gas. Keep refueling our love! • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012