Friday, 30 November 2012

My 3rd Yogyakarta Trip- Day One

Hi :)

Been a while that I did not write any post in my blog.

Well, life is been good to me but I am kinda busy this lately ;)

Here is stories about my 3rd time Yogyakarta trip.

I have been dreaming to go to Yogya again after years and on October I got chance to visit it again :) *be careful of what you wish*

Suprisingly is, I did not use money on this trip.

A friend paid it for me and thank you W :) *lucky me*

First Day, Arrival
First flight in the morning with sleepy eyes, weather was good, on time schedule. Perfect!

Do not forget to use your sunscreen or sunglasses or hat to avoid sunlight when you touched down Adi Sucipto airport because it is truly hot!

Went to Soto Kadipiro for breakfast.
I like their design :)

Meanwhile waiting for other group, I decided to went to Mirota. I buy a clog for my mom, could not find  cheap but good quality clothes for myself here.  
Here are some stuff at Mirota

After that, we picked up other group and having lunch at Bale Raos 

Next agenda is visiting Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat

Too bad that some stuff in this palace is not in good condition :(
Antique clock with Javanese languange

To reached this place, you must walk through local people's village. This castle is abondoned hundred years but it is all worth when you arrived here :)

It just half day, still  more places to go that night :)

After taking bath, we watched Ramayana Ballet , story about Rama and Shinta 

It was marvelous, beatiful ballet I have ever see :)

And we have a late dinner at Gudeg Pawon :D

I rest very well with full tummy :D

Good nite!