Monday, 15 July 2013

Bali trip 2013- Day 1

We are back! (Bali trip 2013 Day 1)

Wise man said that, “Once you went to Bali, you will come back again!”

Believe it or not, we are coming back.

This is my 5th trip to Bali and never get enough!

This time I just travel with my husband and our son.

After years taking my parents and mother in law to Bali, we think that now is our turn to enjoy Bali more… just the three of us :)

We have plan to visit another place years to come, but someday we’ll coming back to Bali.

We did not plan to visit Bali this year because we already have our new year vacation to Jogjakarta, read our journey here

But suddenly a condotel called my husband and give the free voucher for 3N4D at Bali right after we came back from Jogjakarta.

So, we start to calculate the budget!

And found out that we have a spare money that can be used for Bali trip 2013.

We start to search airplane tickets that fit our budget.

Since the budget of accommodation can be substitute for airplane tickets, I plan to go back to Jakarta by train.

That means, we will transit in Bandung because it is the closest city and we are familiar with it.
And this is our story on Day 1 :

We got early flight with Garuda Indonesia Airlines. I remembered that last time I flew with Garuda Indonesia is for a business trip back in 2009 to Surabaya.

A person that very excited about flew with Garuda Indonesia is my 5 years old son :)

And he finished his meal on the plane by himself and told me that for another trip we should fly with Garuda Indonesia again! :D

Well, I told him to study hard and he can fly with this airlines if he has  a good result on his study :)

And keep praying that we will be able to do so :D

Arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport, we wait for our car rent and eat some ice cream :D

After the car arrived, we went to Sukowati market to buy some souvenirs for Darren's kindergarten teachers.

I found a store near the entrance of  Sukowati market and an old lady sold the souvenirs with cheap price.

We decided to bought some cheap local food called Nasi Jinggo, it taste a bit spicy but delicious and worth the price!

They come in small packaging, so you might have to buy more than one nasi jinggo :)

From Sukowati market we went to Bedugul and having lunch at Bedugul Resto and Hotel.

Bedugul is misty place and almost every afternoon raining, so be prepared if you visit this area.

We have not reserved any hotel  here so after lunch we looked for a hotel.

We finally stay one night in Pacung Indah and the view is great, the  weather is cold :D