Monday, 1 February 2010


I just realized that today, the number was so amazing.

the day and month was the reverse of the year.

Well, so many thing happen in January 2010 and now we're at the beginning of February 2010. The month of love and we'll celebrate the Chinese New Year... Yeay, time for D to collect the Ang Pao :-D

We grateful that we survived January *LOL*

And we ready to welcome February :-)

I need to overtime this month, mentioning so many job that need to be done.

God, help me!!!

We're planning to go to Bandung, West Java by train this month.

Since Darren interested on any kind of train, so we decide to have a lil journey by it.

And last nite, he makes me melt and I almost cried. *emaknya cengeng neh*

We read a book for D, and he pointing the train and began to pray...

D : Tuhan Yesus, Darren mau naik kereta ya... Tolong ya Tuhan Yesus supaya Darren sehat dan papa dikasih rejeki biar Darren bisa naik kereta api.

Suddenly, I thanked God because D know who is his God.

And I pray that he'll always go to God whenever he's happy or sad.

I pray that D has an excelent character as human.

Jakarta, 01022010

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