Tuesday, 10 April 2012

30 is a new 20

Yes! I am 30 now :)

On January 2012, I always in denial that I will be 30 this year :p

Nobody wants to be old.

What I afraid of being 30 is wrinkles :p

Had read an article from magazine that 30 is a new 20, so I used it for this blog's tittle :)

Being 30 is about an achievement.

Here I am, a 30 young mom with one adorable son named Darren.

Achievement in family, career and purpose in life.

So many things I want to do.

I want to take my father to Bali.

He asked for it last year on his birthday :)

I want to start having an active assets for retirement, I want to give my mom in law and also my mom go abroad.

Our little family need to change new car.

We decided to buy cheap car and invest our less money to mutual fund.

Hope that 5 years from now we are able to change car for better.

Thank you Lord for your unending love and mercy :')

Thank you Lord for showed me what the most important in life.

Thank you Jesus for funny husband and awesome son, I could not asked more than this!

Thank you Jesus for healthyness and wealthyness.

Thank you Iko for the birthday present *I will stop buying bags :p*

Day 34 #365fashionshuffle

Yes, today is my birthday :)

The first person greet me is my beloved husband, the second is my dad :)

because we share the same birthday :)

This morning, all of us wake up early in the morning because Darren having field trip with his kindergarten friends :)

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