Monday, 1 April 2013

He had risen!

It is always a great moment to reflect on life during Good Friday and Easter...

First quarter in 2013, life has given me too much surprises!

But hey, once again I kept grateful (and always will) that with God... I can handle it :)

This year, we celebrate Good Friday totally different :)

Early in the morning, Darren and I accompany my husband to delivered fertilizer, our business.

Yeah, self employed... you just can't rest :p

After that, we picked up my parent to go to swimming pool near their house.

We had a great swimming session, even Darren doesn't want to go home '-_-

The journey continue... we had Good Friday Service at church and Darren fell asleep.

On Sunday, God kept remind me to forgive some people that I have ignored for a while.

Well, slow but sure I try to forgive them.

Jesus had died for my sin and he forgive my violation....

Why should I hold forgiveness? Even God himself give forgiveness to us, sinful person...

Thank you Jesus for remind me that I must reflect your love!

I am forever grateful,