Thursday, 27 September 2012

Happy 5th dinomite birthday!

Happy blessday Darren!

Suddenly you really interested in dinosaur, so you asked for a dinomite party :)

I try my best to create dinomite party theme, starting from invitation, cake and goodie bag.

Thank God, I am able to finish all the preparation before Darren's birthday. \(^ v ^)/

Here are the simple dinomite birthday:


I made the invitation by myself and googling for the design.

Cake is from my husband's aunty and we decorate it by ourself

The goodie bag was made by order from Cotton Cloud

We hope that you enjoy your party D!

It's birthday fun and birthday treats
And a special birthday prayer,
For such a wonderful birthday boy
As Darren celebrate another year.
We know God has a special purpose,
A plan that He's designed for you.
And as we see what He's already begun,
We give thanks for what He's still to do.

Happy birthday, Darren!
We love you so much!
Mama & Papa :)