Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

I do not know where to start!

Couple weeks before Christmas, I felt very angry and sad in same time!

I was bullied by several people on non profit project.

Due to concerned of that birthday project, I kept asking about time run down for the event, an exact time run down minutes per minutes.

All because, we need to arrange the time management so all the performer can perform on schedule without any delay and hoping that  they still want to help us for next event!

But then, I was bullied for weeks!

They tell me to have some test about multiple intelligence, I wanna Roll On The Floor Laughing!

Do you think you are smart enough? Fact that you are being pregnant before marriage makes you smarter than I am? If you are smart enough, you will be fucking with that person and not getting pregnant before marriage :p

Oh, well... I have throwed myself because I choose it and I should not complained about it :D

If I was mad or sad, I choose to walk away from what cause me mad.

I have been thinking hard to leave it all but again, I have choose and promises will be kept!

After the event, I still struggling with this heart's wound.

I still angry and comes in mind to revenge! But, thanks to God.... He still loves me that much and I do not dirty my hands with that!

Near Christmas, I kept thinking about my life .....

Christmas is about love, about forgiveness, about grace!

Then, this Christmas will be a moment that I receiving Jesus' love and grace again...

Here I am asking for forgiveness if I have done wrong to you, my friends and relatives....

And, let me be the light that shines :)

Thank you Jesus!

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful season :)