Thursday, 14 June 2012

Day 1 Quick Gateway

We decided to give my dad and my mom a quick gateway this year.

My dad has not travel to Bali.

He said that he did not want to travel abroad, Bali is enough :)

This time I travel with my small family and my parents.

I pick up my parents with premium taxi :)

*wishing that someday able to own this car ;p*

We use Sriwijaya Air because when we searched for tickets, they came with a great offers :)

Darren enjoyed flying with Sriwijaya Air :)

Arrived at Ngurah Rai airport, we are heading to Uluwatu to find the famous nasi Jinggo (Jinggo Rice) Simpangan Pak Alit and Ibu Kasih.

Nasi Jinggo Simpangan Uluwatu

This Nasi Jinggo is very cheap, come in small amount and spicy :D

Do not forget to buy some mineral water. I bought mineral water at local mini market because it is cheaper.

After that we rushed to our hotel, Novotel

I have stayed in Novotel two years ago and still wanting to be served by them :)

Well, this is our first nite :)