Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

I do not know where to start!

Couple weeks before Christmas, I felt very angry and sad in same time!

I was bullied by several people on non profit project.

Due to concerned of that birthday project, I kept asking about time run down for the event, an exact time run down minutes per minutes.

All because, we need to arrange the time management so all the performer can perform on schedule without any delay and hoping that  they still want to help us for next event!

But then, I was bullied for weeks!

They tell me to have some test about multiple intelligence, I wanna Roll On The Floor Laughing!

Do you think you are smart enough? Fact that you are being pregnant before marriage makes you smarter than I am? If you are smart enough, you will be fucking with that person and not getting pregnant before marriage :p

Oh, well... I have throwed myself because I choose it and I should not complained about it :D

If I was mad or sad, I choose to walk away from what cause me mad.

I have been thinking hard to leave it all but again, I have choose and promises will be kept!

After the event, I still struggling with this heart's wound.

I still angry and comes in mind to revenge! But, thanks to God.... He still loves me that much and I do not dirty my hands with that!

Near Christmas, I kept thinking about my life .....

Christmas is about love, about forgiveness, about grace!

Then, this Christmas will be a moment that I receiving Jesus' love and grace again...

Here I am asking for forgiveness if I have done wrong to you, my friends and relatives....

And, let me be the light that shines :)

Thank you Jesus!

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful season :)

Sunday, 9 December 2012


#MG2012 is Marriage Gateway that was held at Conrad Hotel, Bali with speakers @PhilipWagnerLA @HollyWagnerLA

Here some tweets from Ps. Alvi Radjagukguk

Real love has very little to do with what we feel. Love is a verb! • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

Love is caring about the interest of your spouse, even we are not interested in it • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

We can win the arguments yet hurt the relationship. Win the Marriage, not the argument! • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

The couples that support a growth of each individual bring strength to the marriage • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

1/2 + 1/2 is not 1. 1 + 1 = a strong 1. Wholesomeness matters! •@HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

Sometimes marriage can be boring and becomes a routine. Grown ups decide to stick with it! • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

Once we get through seasons, we become stronger, a more wholesome we become, a stronger a marriage gets •@HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

Our spouse is an imperfect person who will do -mostly unintentional- things that will hurt us

Forgiveness is as important as our digestive system, for it's the only way to remove our wastes • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

Forgiveness is the highest expression of love, exemplified by GOD Himself to mankind • @PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

Marriage is a union of two forgiven and forgivers. Let's be eternally forgiving!

We need to work out our marriage so tension can transform to trust, frustration to intimacy, boredom to passion • @PhilipWagnerLA#MG2012

Marriage is God's way of killing our ego • @PhilipWagnerLA#MG2012

Develop a marriage-centered marriage, not a children-centered marriage • @PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

A flourishing marriage is a great gift to our children, big family and city •@PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

If we do what others are not willing to do, we will have what other marriages do not have • @PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

Wives, husbands do not speak hints. Make it easier for us to meet your needs • @PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

In great marriages, great words exist. In bad marriages, bad or no words are being uttered • @PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing • Proverbs 12:18

Learn to listen to understand, not to reply. It is honoring our spouse •@PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

Men can actually think of nothing, women do not think that is possible •@PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012 // And the men sayyyyy..

Unwholesome persons use unwholesome words. Wholesome ones say wholesome words. #MG2012

Men, figure out how to romance our wife periodically •@PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012 // Do not let other men do that instead!

Marriage was created to have GOD involved. Three-cord rope "Adam+Eve+God" since a beginning! • @PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

We cannot ever love our spouse unconditionally without GOD's involvement • @PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

Be lavish with encouragements and be stingy with critics to your spouse. Encouragements are powerful! @PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

Encourage our spouse's Strengths and Attempts for improvements! •@PhilipWagnerLA #MG2012

A couple's ability to deal with their differences is a sign of their maturity •@HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

A couple's differences aren't there to separate, instead to strengthen us. Deal with them forever! • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

Making children the center of our family universe is not the best interest of marriage • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

If children are at the center of our family, they will eventually grow up to be selfish kids • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

We are to honor our parents' position in life, but they cannot have bigger influence or power than our spouse • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

When dads treat their girls with respect, they will only choose a life partner who do the same • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

When our work life hurts our marriage, we may need to change job •@HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

If we want our marriage to flourish, we need to stay planted and rooted in GOD's house (local church) • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

Wisely choose friends who always encourage us to grow and mature our marriage • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012
Couples who pray together stay together • @HollyWagnerLA#MG2012

To get a divorce as we run out of love is like selling a car when it runs out of gas. Keep refueling our love! • @HollyWagnerLA #MG2012

Saturday, 1 December 2012

My 3rd Yogyakarta Trip- Second Day

Today, we went to the famous Borobudur!

Borobudur is built as a single large stupa, and when viewed from above takes the form of a giant tantric Buddhist mandala, simultaneously representing the Buddhist cosmology and the nature of mind.

Let the pictures speak itself

After went to Borobudur, our next stop is Ullen Sentalu museum.

We cannot take picture in the museum but the surrounding is awesome!

After went to those beautiful places, we have free time but I decided to have foot massage :)

What a great day!