Friday, 26 February 2010

Around CNY 2010

Feb 22nd, 2010

Oh yeah, Happy Chinese New Year ... May we have a prosperous days ahead.

D fever (again) after 2(two) months he didn't get fever.

Sleepless night (another) and i'll just read bible, books and write my blog.

Now I'm gonna share what we have done on CNY 2010.

Darren and I went to my parent's house to have dinner on CNY Eve.

You might asking why my spouse doesn't come with us.

Well, I let him to have dinner with his mother a.k.a my mom in law. They need to talk since they didn't have time to share what were in their mind this lately. I'll do that also with D , a date with adorable boy will be fun *wink*

D got his first ang bao from ny cousin aand I told him that he will have 20% from his ang bao's total amount to spend on anything.

And the rest will go to his Education Fund Account.

On CNY's morning we went to Serpong to meet my grandma. After that, we spent a nite at salak.

Pfuuuih!! what an exhausted day!!!

Never imagine before that I'll never ever able to have my "me" time on weekend.

On weekend my time was D's

Since I have D, my world has change and I enjoyed my role as a mom.

On weekend, we (my hubby and I) go anywhere with D minus maid. Yes, I don't have nanny and we decided not to let our child to be stick with maid also. We need to build bonding between the three of us.

Our child is ours and we liked to be with him as much as we can because he grows too fast... LOL

On Monday, we went to my friends office and had lunch together.

It's very exciting yet precious moment when i able to took one day off just to meet them after years.

After that, D play @playhouse MOI. I liked this spot because it's quite and just few children are playing there.

Well, at the end of the day we only spent less than 200K for D to play there and he went home with truck on his hand *smile*

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Money doesn't come easily

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So many things happen during my latest post on my blog.

But the most memorable moment was when I educate D about money.

One night when I was picked up from the office, D whining and said that he want to go to Carrefour near our house.

And the conversation was like this :

D : Darren mau ke Carrefour
Me : Mau ngapain ke Carrefour, memangnya Darren punya duit ?
Me : Kita kan lagi gak mau belanja bulanan.
D : Mau punya duit…
Me : Kalau Darren mau punya duit, Darren harus bekerja.
Me : Kalau bekerja Darren harus sekolah dulu
D : Mau sekolah…
Me : Makanya kalau mama ajarin baca mesti nurut biar Darren bisa baca terus
nanti kalau sudah besar bisa bekerja.

Well, the next morning Darren said he wanna learn to read :D

Eventhough until now he still on and off learning his alphabet.

He just 2 (two) years old and I’m not gonna pushed him to be able to read before 3(three) years old.

I hope that simple conversation will give big impact for D that money doesn’t come easy.

You must earned it, and I still need to teached him about good money habit.

Monday, 1 February 2010


I just realized that today, the number was so amazing.

the day and month was the reverse of the year.

Well, so many thing happen in January 2010 and now we're at the beginning of February 2010. The month of love and we'll celebrate the Chinese New Year... Yeay, time for D to collect the Ang Pao :-D

We grateful that we survived January *LOL*

And we ready to welcome February :-)

I need to overtime this month, mentioning so many job that need to be done.

God, help me!!!

We're planning to go to Bandung, West Java by train this month.

Since Darren interested on any kind of train, so we decide to have a lil journey by it.

And last nite, he makes me melt and I almost cried. *emaknya cengeng neh*

We read a book for D, and he pointing the train and began to pray...

D : Tuhan Yesus, Darren mau naik kereta ya... Tolong ya Tuhan Yesus supaya Darren sehat dan papa dikasih rejeki biar Darren bisa naik kereta api.

Suddenly, I thanked God because D know who is his God.

And I pray that he'll always go to God whenever he's happy or sad.

I pray that D has an excelent character as human.

Jakarta, 01022010

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