Monday, 25 January 2010

Handle the Panic Mode

I still remembered the first time I know that I’m pregnant :-)

I just laugh out loud, never expect that I’ll pregnant within one month from our wedding day :p

Never imagine that our house will be have a very demanding creature called baby :-)

I just go with the pregnancy process, the bad morning sickness on 1st trimester.

The food just in and out on day and night.

Why there isn't hypno pregnancy ???

I just know there are Hypno Birthing and Hypno Parenting.

It'll be great if there is Hypno Pregnancy :-)

Until the day to labor, that day was fascinating.

The day that I able to see my baby’s face and hold him tighly in my arm.

This 1st experience being a mother makes me “a panic mom”

I am afraid if I’m not able to nurse, nurture and nourish my son.

I remembered the 1st time D get phimosis, his body was trembled and he got high fever.

Thank God because before he got that infection I read about handling a baby with fever and it helps a lot.

But that not makes me more calm.

Don’t mention when he need to circumsiced, he cried out loud , bleeding and it was the two of us in recovery room.

It was an experience that makes me nervous and sad.

Everytime, D was sick I felt like an useless mother.

But by time, I learnt that it’s okay for baby and children to get sick.

And it took 2 (two) years for me to learnt not to be panic when D get sick.

All I need to do is just be the best mother I can be and the rest is up to God.

He’s the one whom knows the very best.

And I just playing my role as a mom.

I might not perfect, but God will help me.

And God, I’m ready to have another ones :-D

You just need to help me with the preparation :-)