Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Breastmilk Pumping for Working Mom

It is have been almost three month since I back to the office fulltime.

In this post I would like to share what did I used to breastpump in office.

BREASTPUMP. It is obvious that we need breastpump for breastmilk pumping. I choose manual breastpump from pigeon. You can read my breastfeeding experience with this breastpump here

BREASTMILK STORAGE. I used Baby Pax milk glass bottles that I bought from blibli and get some from my collagues. I also used BPA Free breastmilk bag from Gabag Indonesia, just in case that milk glass bottle runs out.  

COOLER BAG. Gabag also produced cooler bag and ice gel included  to bring your breastmilk with style that I bought from blibli.

FOOD CONTAINER. Why do I need food container? I need it to dry breastpump that I have cleaned with Sleek Bottle, Nipple and Baby Accesories Cleanser (bought it from bilna) in spray bottle. I used food container that I have at home, just re-use and no need to buy new one.

NURSING COVER. Use nursing cover specially if your office doesn't have dedicated breastmilk pumping room, this one is free from Mother & Baby Indonesia's magazine years ago. Always leave one piece of nursing cover in your office, if you do not have any, use your pashmina or light blanket.

SANITIZER. I use gel sanitizer or Dettol Sensitive Wet Wipes  before and after breastpumping that you can buy easily at any drugstore or supermarket.

TISSUE. Always prepare dry tissue :)

TIPS: Breastpumping for 3 cycles every working day at 09.30   12.30   15.30  (this is only a guidance, you can adjust it with your most comfortable schedule), 20 minutes for each breast.

Last but not least, be CONFIDENT and be HAPPY :)

Happy breastfeeding to working moms out there!

If you have any queries, you can leave it at comment :)


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