Thursday, 21 October 2010

Owning Self Confidence

This is radio show of Career Coach on hardrock fm

Confidence may be the single most important criteria in personal and professional growth.

Having confidence is like being pregnant either you have it or you don’t

There is no half way in confidence. It is not about what you know, it is about what you believe in

People who lack of confidence are mostly afraid of being wrong and be blamed for it

People without confidence would complain 10 times as much about life’s uncertainties

Lack of confidence is not knowing yourself, not sure about your intention or expect instant gratification

Confidence is replace self doubt with self worth.

Confident people simply do not care about being wrong. They are sure about being truthful with themselves

Confident people are not apologetic because they do not make mistakes intentionally

Confident people finds insecurity stimulating and opportunity exciting

Confident people would say, “Never complain” nor explain

Take some risks, make yourself do what you fear

You don’t know everything but so does the rest of the people of the world

Nobody knows anything

You know more than you think you do

Good intention is a good start but should be complimented with real acts

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