Saturday, 30 January 2016

Po Po and Pancakes


I got news from my brother that Po Po is passed away in her nap peacefully.

She is a mother to my mom, a crafty person and a hardworker too.

I called her Po Po, to say grandmother in chinese.

Two years ago, my mom picked her up and flew straight away from Pontianak to Jakarta, nearly in her 90's.

We decided to treat her during her stay and also at that day, I met up with my BFF, Livia.

We choose a mall in North Jakarta to be our destination.

My husband loves pancakes and he suggested Po Po to try pancakse with ice cream!

I was worried that Po Po will complaint because she unused to eat ice cream and for elderly people, ice cream can cause sensitive tooth and gum.

Surprisingly, she loves it! And even craving for more :)

From that day, everytime relatives mention my husband infront of her, she will remember pancakes with ice cream. *oh yes husband know how to make people happy and remember him*

I was happy too to see her happy and I am thankful that I still got chances to makes her smiling and laughing.

If I can turn back time, I want to learnt to became crafty, just like her :)

Rest In Peace Po Po, 'till we meet again. Send hi to grandpa, I miss him too!

What is your unforgetable moments with your grandparents? Please share :)

- @HoneyJT -

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