Monday, 25 April 2016

Happy 66th Blessday, Dad!

10 April

I always love April month because my dad and I share same birthday J

This year, he is 66 years old... what a number... 

I am very grateful that he still productive and healthy, the most important thing in life.

As usual, we always celebrates our blessday (the way I called 'birthday' because you are blessed to have another year alive) at my parents house. My mom will be busy cooking for the entire family and she cooked more that five menus on several hours! Yeah, she is super mom, nobody can beat her, seriously! J

Okay, enough talking about my mom, let's talk about my dad J
My father is a very simple, quite person and addicted to coffee.

I remember, one day when he decided to follow Jesus.... he start to throw all bagua mirror in our house. For me, that is a faith statement that he already giving his life for God starting that night and I will remember him as a brave person!

Another memory that I remembered, he accompany me riding public transportation on my first dat at campus J 

It was priceless, none can beat it!

This year, he celebrated his birthday with his grandsons, Darren and Xiao Dre.

Happy birthday Dad, no words can ever take the place of the feelings of my heart for you, hope your day is joyful.
All I wish for you is lots of love and good health.
With deep respect, our love for you is resounding.
Hope your day is great, daddy!

with love,
Nie, Ico, and double D

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