Monday, 8 June 2015

Pregnancy Journey: 24 weeks- Baby's Essentials

Hello pregnancy moms out there, how are you?

I get excited when talking about baby's essentials although this is not my first pregnancy,  because all the baby's stuff is soooooo cuteeeeee and adorableeee :D

I am 24 weeks old pregnant, so it's time to shopping baby's essentials :D

Are you confused on how many baby's essentials that you need to buy? Pregnant moms are often buy more baby essential's but at the end they didn't need it anyway. Don't you think it is a waste of money?

I prefer to buy baby's essentials I need the most which is including reuseable cloth diapers, breastfeeding equipment and baby carrier. I keep on checking baby's essentials list that I get from mothercare catalogue with all the stuff that I bought from my first pregnancy.

I hope this list can help you moms to be :)

In fact that I still keep some baby's essentials from my first pregnancy, I decided to buy some:

1. Unisex Bodysuit for newborn (IDR87k)
I only have sleepsuit for 3 months old baby, so I need bodysuit for newborn when we discharge from hospital.

I buy this Velvet Junior bodysuit from bilna.

Why do I choose Velvet Junior? Because Velvet Junior is the only baby clothes maker in Indonesia that meets the nation safety and health standards, tested and certified by Oeko-Tex and Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI)

2. Reuseable Cloth Diaper (IDR45k)
When I gave birth to my first son, I don't know about reuseable cloth diaper. I use disposable diaper but found out that my first son got problem in using it, so now I decided to give it a try on reuseable cloth diaper :)
After reading all the discussion here, I decided to buy Enphilia Mini. Enphilia mini suit newborn baby from 2,5kg-5kg perfectly, it is Breathable All in Two Diaper (Diaper Cover). I bought this diaper from online shop, but you can buy other reuseable cloth diaper at bilna

3. Tommee Tippiee Closer to Nature Bottle and Teat Brush (IDR62,5k)
I love this brush because the material is free BPA and it reach the bottom of milk bottle perfectly so you can get clean milk bottle after you wash it. You can bought it at bilna or here.

4. Sleek Bottle Nipple and accessories cleanser (IDR31k)
You need bottle nipple and other baby accessories cleanser that safe for your baby. You can find Sleek at your mini market near your residence.

 5. Medela Cup Feeder (IDR30k)
If you try to breastfeed your baby, you need to invest on Medela Cup Feeder. It helps baby to drink milkbreast directly without bottle. Drinking milkbreast from bottle can cause baby nipples confused and at the end moms will give up on breastfeed. I  bought this here
*pic from bebe shop
6. Washcloth (IDR34k)
Having newborn means you will need wash cloth while bathing your newborn. I bought it from here

7. Tommee Tippee Explora Roll n Go Bib (IDR71k)
I really love this product because you can wash this bib that made from BPA Free material after your infant finish his or her food and bring this bib whereever you go :)
I bought it from here

Hmmm, what else that I need? 

So, what is your baby's essentials? Let's share with me :)

- HoneyJT -

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