Friday, 9 December 2016

10 Things I MAD About You

Today, our 10 years of togetherness.

I still remember two years ago when we celebrate our wedding anniversary just the two of us, how time flies too fast!

We make it for 10 years now and counting.

We may not always agree with each other but we agree we will always love each other, no matter what.

This 10 Things I MAD about you list's came to mind several days ago. The idea is to remind myself why I choose abank as my husband.

And, here is my 10 Things I MAD About You:

He cares about me, spoiled me to often sometimes.

Problems come and go but it doesn't unease him. He take it seriously but didn't loose the joy.

Family man
I have known him as a family man since we were dating and he didn't changed until now.... he always hands on taking care our beautiful babies. Many women have to deal with their spouse that doesn't even notice that their have children.  I am lucky, while other don't have privilege like mine.
First, we had each other. Then, we had them. Now, we had EVERYTHING

Full of surprises
He might not throw romantic phrases every second but yes, he is full of surprises. Like today, suddenly he showed up in my office and bringing flowers... I'm blushing!

He is keeping his words and promises. Abank walk his talk and I learned so much from him.

Into detail
I was a careless person but I learned into detail because of him. He didn't change me but we influence each other.

Positive vibe
Good thing from abank is he has this positive vibe that calm me down. I was an overworried person but with his positive vibe I can be optimistic.

He had helped me much through my ups and downs situation, my shoulder to cry on.

Yes, he is silly, too often but he makes me laugh alot!

This is what I like the most, his sincerity to his extended family and friend are beyond words.

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary abank, let's grow old together!

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